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Game , Set and Match to Covid - it's a drain!

Ah well! We sort of expected it, but nevertheless it is hugely frustrating for members new and old that we have to temporarily suspend the use of the courts until possibly 3rd December 2020.

However, the LTA are lobbying for at least singles to be allowed outdoors and there may be a change of heart from HMG. Should that happen, we will of course inform members immediately and re-activate the on line booking system accordingly.

The gate code will change.

That gives us a potential opportunity to do further work on the upper court drains and we will keep you posted on developments. We need to be sure that if we spend the money we get a result that will last!

So , we hope to see you all again this side of Christmas for tennis and hopefully the annual mince pie morning at the beginning of December. In the meantime stay safe!

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