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祝你好运! (zhù nǐ hǎo yùn!)

It's a sad day on the membership front as one of our most popular members Patrick Shin is going back to Hong Kong to work! Patrick has been a fantastic club member for the last 17 years, playing both socially and for our teams and we will miss both his friendliness and his competitiveness. Everyone at the club wishes him the very best of luck and every success in his new job in Hong Kong.

Our Chairman and the whole club were delighted to present Patrick with some presents and a glass plaque to remember us by in Hong Kong

Here's what Patrick has to say about us......

"My dad and myself joined Oakfieldback in 2003 or 2004.  It was a wise decision rather than just playing tennis with my dad down at Batley.  Ken Roys was the first member to greet me at the club, but I was too busy admiring Fred Perryand Josh Carruthers’ tennis skills on the lower court.  Sunday morning has always been a laugh, from learning how to serve over arm, the scoring system, where to stand to smacking a winner down the line.  Most importantly, I have met some lovely people.  It is such a very friendly club.  I have also been lucky enough to play some league tennis which was kind of forced by Russell at the start.  It is a pity that I could not play in Division 2of the Huddersfield League after a promotion from Division 3 due to COVID 19.  However, I am sure my team mates will not let me down!"

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