Schools are In!

Our view is that we always want to encourage new players and the younger the better. We have an open offer to local schools to use our tennis courts with appropriate supervision at no cost. That's free!

Several of our members and all our coaches are all DBS checked and they can assist your staff team in organising regular midweek tennis sessions for your school.

What do we seek to achieve out of this arrangement? Just the opportunity to have younger players playing for our small club, who enjoy being an important part of our club and a member of one of our teams down the line. We like loyalty!

Tennis courts don't come cheaply, not just to build one, but to maintain them and access for most schools means usually playing on tarmac with confusion around the lines! Our courts are all weather outdoor.

If you are interested in this offer we would be delighted to talk to you. Please email us at

We have great value junior and family memberships also available.

We want you to access a new game!

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